(Members only) Hours: Daily Sunrise to Sunset

  1. Members only. Wear your badges or be able to show them if asked.
  2. Catch limit, 3 fish per day. (Unlimited catch and release permitted provided barbs on hooks are removed and you must keep injured fish.)
  3. Absolutely no corn permitted.
  4. A valid Massachusetts Fishing License is required and you must comply with Mass. Fishing Regulations.
  5. Do not introduce fish from any other waters into the club pond. (Exceptions: shiners or minnows for bait.)
  6. Ice fishing permitted.
  7. Do not leave benches, barrels, or trash on the ice.
  8. Vehicles are not permitted on the pond’s berms. (Except as required for maintenance.)

For purposes of fish stocking the pond will be lose before fishing derbies. In the interest of safety, the pond and/or ranges may be closed to allow operation of other club functions. Please observe posted signs.

Mass Hunting & Fishing Information:

Use this link to Mass Wildlife Hunting, Fishing and Trapping information including downloadable copies of the 2020 Hunting and Saltwater Guides

Fish Committee NOTICE

As part of the recent Board of Director’s Meeting, the issue of holding the Spring Fishing Derby was raised.  As the COVID-19 is spreading and concern is spreading, along with increasing governmental shut downs of gatherings, etc., are becoming more prevalent, the Board has decided on a postponement of the Spring Derby as the wisest course of action.  We will look toward trying to hold it maybe in the Fall.

I thank all those members of the Club who have already spent time in preparation.  We can hopefully pick up the ball and run with it later.  Meanwhile, we will still do a stocking of the Club Pond, but a smaller amount of fish for now.  Members can still enjoy fishing at the Club.

Hoping for the best!

Submitted by: Greg LaFlamme,  Fish Committee Chairman

Fish Committee Report (Feb 2020):

ANGLER OF THE MONTH-2 fish have been turned in so far for consideration for the month of January by Casey Kruger and Rich Pineo.  This is open to all members. Please record any nice fish you catch with a picture, and information including species, weight and length and where caught.  We would like to have a winner each month. Contact Greg at for entries or requests for information.

ANNUAL ONE HOLER ICE FISHING-This year’s event was held on January 25th.  It was a good turnout and was one of the best in a long time based on the number of fish caught.  It was a good day too for all the participants sharing a lot of good food and beverages. Bob Hoch won $5 for being the last one to catch a fish in the contest.  Richard Morse won the 50/50 raffle and donated his winnings back to the Fish Committee for purchasing prizes for the Kid’s Spring Derby.

KID’S SPRING DERBY-The dates for the derby are April 25th & 26th.  Up to $2500 was voted to be expended from General Funds for the stocking of the Club Pond prior to the derby.  This will enable enough fish to have a great derby and to provide for more to be caught by club members for the next several months.  We are always looking for prize donations. Please be generous.

BIG STRIPER CONTEST-Registration for this year’s entries is underway.  So far we have 5. The fee is $10, and is open to members only.  Simple rules are that the striper must be caught from New England waters, and must be turned in to Greg with a picture, weight and length, and location caught.  When possible, try to have an official weight in location. You will be judged on your largest single fish caught. A larger fish can be substituted as the season progresses.  All registration fees will be turned back to winners as cash prizes.

FISHING TRIVIA-The repeated question of a correct tying of a Perfection Loop was correctly done by Casey Krueger.  He received a certificate for a free dinner at an upcoming General Membership Meeting.


  • Cameron Pierce provided a nice under water video of the Eight Point Pond. To view the video just click the link below:
    Pond Video link.


Greg LaFlamme Fish Committee Chairperson

8PT Fishack

8PT Fishing Pond Pond (Panorama)

Kids Fishing Derby 2019