Pond Stocking for the 2021 Kid’s fishing derby will be on April 15th.


(Members only) Hours: Daily Sunrise to Sunset

  1. Members only. Wear your badges or be able to show them if asked.
  2. Catch limit, 3 fish per day. (Unlimited catch and release permitted provided barbs on hooks are removed and you must keep injured fish.)
  3. Absolutely no corn permitted.
  4. A valid Massachusetts Fishing License is required and you must comply with Mass. Fishing Regulations.
  5. Do not introduce fish from any other waters into the club pond. (Exceptions: shiners or minnows for bait.)
  6. Ice fishing permitted.
  7. Do not leave benches, barrels, or trash on the ice.
  8. Vehicles are not permitted on the pond’s berms. (Except as required for maintenance.)

For purposes of fish stocking the pond will be closed before fishing derbies. In the interest of safety, the pond and/or ranges may be closed to allow operation of other club functions. Please observe posted signs.

Mass Hunting & Fishing Information:

Use this link to Mass Wildlife Hunting, Fishing and Trapping information including downloadable copies of the 2021 Hunting and Saltwater Guides

Fish Committee Report (Jan 2021 update):

While we have all dealt with the Covid 19 virus in our lives, our Club has not been able to hold regular monthly meetings, nor any major events.  We are endeavoring to act according to guidelines set by the Commonwealth.  Hopefully 2021 will be different and better.


ANGLER OF THE MONTH-We will run this ongoing member competition again this year.  If you catch a nice fish, please send a picture to me along with information of species, weight and length, date caught and from where.  I will determine the monthly winner a few months after the month being judged to allow entries to come in.  These will all be accumulated at the end of the year to determine the winner of  Angler of the Year.  Contact info is for submitting or for any questions.

ANGLER OF THE YEAR-The Angler of the Year award for 2020 was presented to Dave Pineo Jr.  Dave caught a number of nice fish throughout the year and submitted many of them.  While monthly recognitions waned with the lack of meetings, JR was diligent in sending information in.  Congratulations to JR.

ONE HOLER ICE FISHING DERBY-The next ice fishing date for the One Holer is February 6th.  This is dependent on enough ice.  Anyone registered for the 23rd will have their numbers transferred to the 6th since the Jan. 23rd event was cancelled for poor ice conditions.  If you are registered already there will not be any additional entry fee.  As usual the registration fees of $5 go toward a 50/50 raffle with the event money going to purchasing prizes for the Kid’s Spring Derby.  To register, contact me at  Members only.

BLOCKHEAD ICE OUT CONTEST-We will have this contest again this year.  Members can choose a date that they will use for “ice out”.  A block is placed on the Club Pond and the date it falls through is used as the “ice out” date.  $5 entry.  This is also a 50/50 raffle with the contest money going to purchasing prizes for the Kid’s Spring Derby.  To enter, contact me at for still available dates.  This is just the number.  If the month ends, then your number starts again for the next month until “ice out” occurs.

KID’S SPRING DERBY-Typically, this event is held near the end of April.  Due to Covid restrictions, the event for this year is TBD.  Unfortunately, 2020 had to be cancelled.  Hopefully things will improve enough for this season.

Submitted by,

Greg LaFlamme, Fish Committee Chairman

Cameron Pierce provided a nice under water video of the Eight Point Pond. To view the video just click the link below:
Pond Video link.


Greg LaFlamme Fish Committee Chairperson

8PT Fish Shack

8PT Fishing Pond Pond (Panorama)

Kids Fishing Derby 2019