Listed below are the club officers, directors and committee chairman along with their phone numbers and email addresses if you have any questions, ideas, problems, or want to help out. (Please remember these people are volunteers. Most of them have regular jobs so be courteous about the times you call them.)

NOTICE: if you are using the Email please be sure add “8pt”or “Eight Point” to the subject line so that the recipient will not treat it as Junk Mail

Club Officers
President Charlie Baker 978-375-0799
1st V.P. Paul Nourse 508-962-5812
2nd V.P. Dave Pineo 978-422-6053
Treasurer Brian Baird 978-423-1293
Secretary Chris Magay 603-801-3939
Club Directors
Cooper Nourse 978422-0160
Robert Hager 508-829-3979
Mike Regan 508-654-6679
Kevin Kirby 978-368-0129
Casey Kruger 978-422-2314
Tom Pierce 978-870-2689
David Pineo Jr. 508-340-0086
Joe Salluce 978-422-8492
The Officers and Directors meet in the clubhouse on the third Tuesday of every month at about 7:00 PM. Committee chairmen should attend. Any club member may attend if they wish.
Committee Chairperson
Committees operate the various functions around the club
Activities, Rentals
&Web Site
Charlie Baker  978-375-0799
Building OPEN  
Trap/Skeet Paul Donavan 508-981-666
Fish &
Greg LaFlamme 508-868-4060
Pond  Peter Allaire 978)422-8556
Archery, Bird and Game Nicholas Hatstat 978-870-8853
Rifle/Pistol Brian Baird 978-423-1293
Kitchen  Jerry Boyton 978-422-8859
Membership Casey Kruger 978-422-2314
Orientation Tom Pierce 978-870-2689
Fly Tying, Rabbit &
Bill Iuliano 978-422-6845
Caretaker Open  
G.O.A.L. Harry Sechman 508-866-2153
Worc. County League Richard Martin 978-422-7316
Club House Telephone 978-422-9771